Wands & Eggs

How long can you wear a yoni egg?

We suggest at first starting off anywhere between 15-30 mins to get a feel for how your yoni responds to your crystal egg. Once you have a feel for how your yoni responds to your egg and you are comfortable you can increase the time to your comfortability up to a maximum of 12 hours.

can you wear yoni egg during your menstrual cycle?

We at Yarrow Empress discourage what we call plugging or blocking of the womb during our womb cleansing time aka (Period) this includes things like yoni eggs and tampons etc as this could cause the uterus to not cleans properly leaving old residue. Also, the womb is working hard to cleanse itself so plugging it up will only make our wombs have to work harder to achieve that. We encourage a womb cleanse routine that involves, resting, nutrition, hydration, and self-love during this time.

Can you wear a yoni egg in the bath?

Yes you can.

How do I sanitize or clean my yoni egg after I use it?

Gently wash your Yoni wand in either vinegar or lukewarm water and natural soap prior to use and after.

How do I energetically cleanse my wand or egg?

I personally and strongly recommend upon receiving your Yoni wand that you cleanse the energy as you normally would with any other crystal you’ve purchased. This cleanses any energy your crystal may have picked up along its journey to you, this will also allow you to connect with your crystal Yoni wand and focus on the intentions you may personally have for your wand. A few clearing options are smoke cleansing using (smudging) letting your Yoni Wand bask underneath the beautiful Full Moon.

Yoni Steaming

Can you steam if you have an IUD?

Absolutely! It can be very beneficial, however, it is considered a medical contraindication so we would modify the steam setup and steam time, as the steam opens up the uterus and could cause the IUD to come out.

Can steaming help with yeast infections?

Steaming can definitely help prevent yeast infections, however steaming is not suggested during an infection as the steam could actually make the infection worse.

Sea Moss

Can you use Sea moss as a mask?

Absolutely! You can use sea moss in a gel form as a face mask as well as hair mask.


Is Yarrow Empress Face oils heavy?

Our oils are amazing and light so they won’t clog your skin or leave stains on your clothes.


What does Yoni Mean?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning “sacred place” or “sacred temple” it has been used to refer to both womb/uterus and the vagina.