Andrea Gomes

Womb Healing through Reiki!

“Everything we are starts from the wombs. Our wombs are beautiful, the driving force of creation. 

  Reiki Master, Spiritual Womb Healer & Manifestation Coach.

Andrea (Genia) is a certified  Peristeam Facilitator PFc, Okuden Reiki Master and Spiritual Consultant/Manifestation Coach.  Andrea (Genia) has been Spiritually gifted as a dreamer, energy healer from birth as her gifts developed early on as a child. Often seeing things that would take place in future events before they would happen.

After she experienced her first at home Yoni steam, which helped her work through many different womb traumas she has been through, such as the loss of her 14-year-old daughter, to toxic relationships, and behaviors. Andrea would understand the importance of our wombs, and how precious they are and the spiritual connection our wombs hold.

Yoni steaming has greatly impacted Genia’s life tremendously, emotionally, and spiritually, and now she passed this practice down from her Ancestor’s to her daughters as well as other women. Teaching the importance of Self-Love and inward healing. Along with womb healing Andrea (Genia) has always had the ability to understand the power of energy healing as she started out as a young child with this level of understanding.

This would later lead Andrea (Genia) to dive deeper into Reiki healing and eventually becoming a Okuden Reiki Master.  With over 20 years in the medical field and the transitioning of her beautiful daughter it is an honor for Andrea (Genia) to bring a holistic approach to caring for one’s own body through Steaming, Energy Healing and Spiritual Guidance.

Reiki Service in Anna, Texas

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30-minute V Steam Consultation

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Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through the movement of energy. The health benefits of Reiki is as follows: Helps stimulate your body’s immune system, promotes natural self – healing, relieves pain and tension, supports the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis.

Reiki Sessions staring at $75.00

History of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that goes as far back as thousands of years, often used by Native American and African cultures, its no wonder why Womb healing is part of my genetic make up. Being Native myself “Occaneechi Band of Saponi” and African Decent womb healing has been one of my spiritual gifts, As I have also healed MYSELF. From various forms of womb trauma. Other cultures that Yoni (vaginal Steam) Greek, Japanese, Mayan, just to name a few.

Often Called Yoni Steam, V-Steam, Vaginal steaming, Chai, or Bajos no matter what it is called has been used for centuries to connect back spiritually to one’s Feminine Energy, Yoni steaming is a good way to reconnect one’s body in a positive and loving way while clearing the body of womb trauma and blocked energy as it helps overall Yoni (Vaginal) Wellness and empowerment.

These Practices have been passed down from women to women for centuries. it is with pleasure and pure joy to honor my ancestors by passing this beautiful practice down not just to other women but my beautiful daughters as well. This is what we’re all about at Yarrow Empress. Self-Love, Emotional Healing, and Empowerment!

Physical Benefits of Steaming

Can assist and promote:

  • Regulating irregular menstrual cycles
  • Reduce painful periods, bloating, and exhaustion associated with menstruation and decreases heavy menstrual flow
  • Healing and toning of the reproductive system after giving birth, tightening of the vaginal canal,
  • Detoxifying the womb and body
  • Healing of vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-Section scars
  • Helps to restore bacterial and ph balance to aid in the prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and odors
Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Can assist and promote:

  • Reconnect to the ancestral practices and wisdom of the womb
  • Aid in healing from sexual trauma
  • Access and connect to your feminine energy that is connected to your creative inner beauty as a women
  • Releases stored up emotions and anxiety from both past and present trauma
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The Butterfly Cycles of Faith

By Andrea Gomes

The Butterfly Cycles of Faith

- Mary Grace Hardy

The Butterfly Cycles of Faith, is a heartfelt book that can speak to many of us in various circumstances in our lives. You can definitely feel God’s presence in this book as your read through the different cycles the butterfly goes through to become this magnificent and beautiful butterfly. It takes you on a journey that many of us go through in life. It may not be exactly the same, but similar. The one thing that remains the same is the focus on God. He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Throughout this book, Andrea reminds us that He loves us despite our flaws and if we allow Him into our hearts, we can feel His comfort, peace, and joy.

"Ms. Judy"

I was struck by Andrea’s authenticity and candor in revealing the depths of hurt and struggles she has endured. I had no idea what pains had been a part of your lifetime! Your reminder to be faithful and trust His plan is clearly evident and important to all readers who will surely be moved to tears throughout your retelling of many difficult experiences and the ultimate trial being Quiara’s passing. Andrea, I will always remember your response when I said to you that I couldn’t wait to read your book. You said, “I can’t wait to see what He’s writing, too!” All glory going to God! You are truly a humble servant whose obedience to His call has produced writing that will touch many who will appreciate your witness to the truth that can often become veiled in darkness when tragedy occurs.

Demetrius Earthly

Real, authentic, well written book. Truly great perspective of how one can view difficult situations that happens in our lives. I am 100% inspired by your faith in God.